Do you know your Lidars to your Gimbals? Knowing your technology – and how to communicate it – is essential in robotics and renewables. Check out our essential check list for a handy refresher ahead of Blades Global on April 27th and 28th and stay ahead of the curve.


Definition Description
Algorithm Process/rules to be followed in calculations or other problem solving, especially by a computer.
Neural Networks Try to recognise relationships in data that mimics the way a brain operates.
Machine Learning A method of data analysis that automates analytical model building.
API (Application Programming Interface) A set of definitions and protocols for building and integrating software.
UAV Flight System A system that allows safe operation/efficiency of the UAV within limits. These vary with different UAV’s.
Payload Sensors Type of sensor a UAV can carry. Cameras etc.
Lidar (Light detection & Ranging) A pulsed laser is used to measure ranges/distance.
Ground Station A control centre that provides facilities for human control/monitoring of a UAV.
Gimbal Stabilises drone payloads using Internal Measuring functions (IMU) that responds to motion.
LIPO Lithium-Ion-polymer, a rechargeable battery with a polymer electrolyte.
UAV Self-Monitoring Constant monitoring of safety systems and parameters.
Trajectory Planning Moving from point A to point B while avoiding collisions over time.