Innovate UK - Robotics & AI in extreme environments - Offshore Wind Turbine Inspections

Perceptual Robotics is proud to announce its collaboration with ASV, the University of Bristol and VulcanUAV - on an Innovate UK project to develop key technologies for the autonomous inspection of offshore wind turbines.

Innovate UK continues to support autonomous drone inspections

Building on our existing capability for onshore wind turbines inspection, the team will be integrating our aerial system, with upgrades from VulcanUAV and the computer vision lab of the University of Bristol, with an autonomous surface boat provided by ASV, creating a system to deploy and recover the drone without the need for human interaction in the offshore environment. The long term vision of this project is to enable fully autonomous inspection for Offshore Wind Farms - working from an autonomous boat whilst being monitored remotely from land.

This project encompasses solving the problems associated with operating an autonomous system in the extreme environment found offshore, and develop a platform to carry out rapid, robust inspections in the marine environment. We look forward to posting updates and progress as the project continues, stay tuned!

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Perceptual Robotics is currently commercialising Dhalion, a completely autonomous onshore wind turbine inspection method from its base in the Technology Incubator at Bristol Robotics Laboratory, a collaboration between the University of Bristol and the University of the West of England. For more information on existing work, email

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