Key Features

  • Industry-leading data quality
  • Safety assured & your time saved
  • Operations in high wind conditions
  • A complete inspection service

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Defect and¬†leading edge erosion detection
  • All of your data in one secure location
  • Web based data review and decision making

  • Tracking & analysis of issues over time
  • Option to operate the system in-house
  • Tailored software integrations
  • Based in the UK and the EU


At Perceptual Robotics, we design and implement inspection solutions that you can trust.

We are committed to creating reliable systems and providing a high level of service and quality that keep our customers coming back.

Our autonomous drones inspect massive structures in minutes, performing repeatable data acquisition for high quality predictive analysis, and providing huge cost reductions.

Using AI and scalable cloud systems, our data processing pipeline processes thousands of images per hour. 

Provides accurate detection of more than 15 types of damages including leading edge erosion.

Reducing costly blade expert time, and minimising expensive errors.

Our cloud-based analytics enable you to oversee the entire inspection process for thousands of turbines, streamline communications with subcontractors, and make insightful, cost-effective decisions on your maintenance schedules, all in one place.


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