Empowering Global Partners: Cutting-Edge Drone Inspections and AI Data Processing

We’re thrilled to announce that Dhalion has inspected turbines in 4 countries during a single week in April, deploying 6 Perceptual Robotics  teams in:

🇬🇧 UK

🇪🇸 Spain

🇸🇪 Sweden

🇬🇷 Greece

But that’s not all! Our teams are braving extreme weather conditions, from snow-covered sites and freezing temperatures in Sweden to scorching 35+ Celsius degrees in Greece. Talk about a weather rollercoaster! 🌨️❄️🔥 Plus local fauna 🐑!

Amidst these challenges, our Dhalion autonomous inspection system continues to prove its robustness.

However, this would not have been possible if not for our amazing global network of partners. When our teams are busy working on multiple sites, we rely on fellow drone inspection experts if the schedule is tight.

Partnering with other companies has been a game-changer for us. From shared resources to enhanced capabilities, collaborations offer numerous benefits in the blade world.

This is all made easier by the fact that pilots can complete the Dhalion training in record time and still offer premium quality inspections. This is the kind of flexibility we are always trying to improve so that more and more blades can be repaired on time.

We rely on partners for data processing, particularly in managing the vast amount of information we gather. Operating across different time zones, we strategically align resources to ensure timely delivery of inspection reports. This often means working on reports while our customers are asleep, showcasing our commitment to efficient and round-the-clock service delivery.

If being a partner doesn’t sound amazing already – imagine being able to mobilise anywhere in the world with your own Dhalion unit, helping customers and seeing the world!

Want to become a partner in your region? Reach out here!