WindTech Magazine article: AI Enhanced Damage Detection

Our research, initially presented as a poster at the Wind Europe Bilbao Workshops, is now featured in the May-June issue of WindTech International Magazine. 

If you’re intrigued by understanding the underlying reasons behind things, delve into the facts and figures of our study. Gain insights into our recommendation of AI assistance for detecting and classifying damages. We’re a data-driven company, and before making recommendations, we rigorously test them. 

The variation in category selection among Blade Experts, despite adhering to the same standards, remains inexplicable, yet it’s a reality. However, we can guide you on minimising human variability to obtain the most consistent dataset. This will greatly benefit damage progression analysis, forecasting, and achieving realistic repair budgets. 

Learn more in the full article:

If you’re interested in watching the video presentation of the poster by our CTO, please reach out.

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