Earth Day 2022

This is an image of stickers made by Perceptual Robotics with the line 'drones for good'.

Happy Earth Day 2022. 🌍 Do you know drones play a vital role in helping the wind sector fight the climate crisis?

As more wind turbines are being built to meet the growing demand for clean energy, the need for efficient inspections has become crucial. With the use of drones, inspections are now faster, safer and more cost-effective. What would once take days with a large amount of manpower and resources can now be done in a few hours with just one simple drone and Dhalion technology.

A perfect day for our operations team

This is an image of a wind turbine on a Northern England site.

How’s your office view today!? Our operations team enjoyed the beautiful weather on site during an inspection in Northern England yesterday. 



Dhalion Autonomous Wind Turbine Inspections Overview

Future-proof inspections wrapped up in the innovative technology of Dhalion. Enjoy a close-up look at our pioneering solution to wind turbine inspections in action.

Great first day at Wind Europe 2022

This is a collage of images from the first day at Wind Europe Bilbao. The first image is of Perceptual Robotics' display banner and video. The second image is of Perceptual Robotics' new image product DOT and the third is Perceptual Robotics branded stickers.

What a day! We have loved learning more about the future of wind at the first day of Wind Europe 2022. We’ve been completely blown away by the amazing people who have wanted to hear more about Dhalion. If you missed us today, don’t worry, we’re back for more tomorrow. 

Come say hello to our CEO Kostas Karachalios and Lucia Roca, our Sales and Business Development Manager for Europe at 3-E28/UK Pavilion.

Perceptual Robotics launches DOT, its pioneering drone software product

This is an image of our DOT autonomous drone at a trial.

Perceptual Robotics is launching its most sophisticated product to date with the DOT autonomous drone, designed to undertake in-depth turbine inspections and quickly analyse the data collected. The company has had DOT in development since its inception and is overjoyed to officially bring it to market. The new drone system has been designed to collect high-quality data from turbines in less than 20 minutes, whilst offering low operational costs for customers and minimal training for operators. Another key element is DOT’s safety features as the system has been designed to avoid any potential collision with the turbine.

DOT is named after two prominent female engineers: USA’s Dorothy Vaughan, a mathematician and NASA’s first African-American manager, and Britain’s Dorothy Spicer, the first woman to gain an advanced qualification in aeronautical engineering. The exclusive software product, designed by Perceptual Robotics, allows drones to use laser and camera sensors to understand the environment the device is in, plan its trajectory and efficiently collect the data required from the turbines.

DOT’s bespoke design allows it to manage the drone’s cameras and automatically control how it takes photographs. It is simple to operate; the software can be linked to a tablet device to set up a turbine inspection and receive data. Crucially, the system reduces the need for skilled operators to undertake inspections, therefore lowering the chance for human error, due to its straightforward set-up process and sophisticated software.

DOT will be officially unveiled for the first time at the Wind Europe event taking place between 5-7 April 2022 in Bilbao, Spain. From their stand at 3-E28, Perceptual Robotics will host demonstrations of the DOT drone system and showcase the straightforward set-up process via a tablet device. The drones will be put through complete simulated missions of turbines inspections, displaying the speed of data collection and the high quality of images gathered.

Kostas Karachalios, CEO of Perceptual Robotics, announced the launch of the DOT system: “We have been working on this innovative product for a number of years – every in-house development until now has been a stepping stone towards DOT. It has been a huge goal for the company to be able to offer this level of system for our customers.

“DOT represents the pinnacle of processing turbine inspection data, combining state-of-the-art data analysis with fast, high-quality imagery and a software system that totally manages the movements and activities of the drone device. We also wanted to make DOT simple and easy for our customers to use ‘off the shelf’, thereby removing dependence on the skills of the operator to determine the quality of the turbine inspection. DOT requires minimal training to use effectively and can integrate into customers’ own servers, all of which lowers the associated operational costs. It is a revolutionary new tool that complements and adds to existing industry services.”

The DOT drone inspection system will be ready for shipping to customers in May following its showcase at Wind Europe.

Perceptual Robotics to attend closing celebration of the Robots for a Safer World programme

This is an image of Perceptual Robotics' drones taking off from an offshore vessel.

We can’t wait for the Robots for a Safer World celebration next week.

Having spent the last three years showing how our drones can make the world a safer place, we are looking forward to celebrating with like-minded UK companies.

From onshore and offshore wind to nuclear power and even space – we have loved seeing how far robotics in the UK has come to make challenging situations safer for everyone.

Perceptual Robotics achieves quality certification

This is a photo of the Perceptual Robotics team looking up at the camera.

Every day at Perceptual Robotics, we strive to provide our customers with high quality service. We’re thrilled our Achilles audited management systems have now been recognised and approved by the ISO, successfully achieving ISO 14001, 9001 and 45001. 

This is a key milestone as we continue to support our customers, solve industry problems and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Grab your LEGO – it’s British Science Week

This is an image of our Chief Technical Officer, Kevin Driscoll-Lind smiling at the camera.

Happy British Science Week! Did you know, as a youngster our Chief Technical Officer, Kevin Driscoll-Lind, was inspired by nothing more than a handful of LEGO bricks?

“I started out in robotics clubs, playing with LEGO and joining competitions like FIRST robotics. They got me interested in problem solving and engineering so that by the time I was considering where to head for a career it was obvious.”

Whether you’re a big or little kid, it’s never too late to go for that dream job or plug your idea. Kevin added: “Find that community of people with similar interests. Whether it’s clubs, competitions or hackathons, it’s a great hands-on way to learn and have fun.”

Perceptual Robotics’ CEO Kostas Karachalios speaks to Economia Group

This is an image of our CEO Kostas Karachalios smiling at the camera.

“Greece has given us a layer of experience and innovation we can’t find elsewhere, while also allowing us to have a very necessary European outlet.”

Our CEO Kostas Karachalios spoke to Economia Group about the need for autonomous systems in wind turbine inspections, our vision for the future and why expansion into Greece was always on the cards.

Read the full article here:

Meet our recent intern: Filip Hanus

This is an image of our recent intern Filip Hanus smiling at something out of frame.

Interns bring fresh new perspectives and productivity to companies, and our recent intern Filip Hanus is no exception!

Filip has just completed his internship here at Perceptual Robotics. During his time working with the data-processing team, Filip has developed his python programming, image processing and machine-learning skills.

Exploring different techniques to classify image quality, including developing a neural network to detect blur, Filip has been an integral part of our team.

Thank you for all your hard work Filip, we’ve loved having you here and wish you the best of luck with your continued studies.