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Wind Turbine Inspections


An autonomous inspection 
platform for wind turbines

Dhalion is an intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) developed
to provide existing inspection engineers with a new, cost effective inspection tool that increases quality, whilst minimising inspection
time and health and safety risks. This allows wind turbine owners to maintain optimal performance at a reduced cost.

At the press of a button a wind turbine inspection is carried out in minutes.

The UAV optimises its path for coverage, reliability in weather and consistent data acquisition. Throughout the flight Dhalion minds its surrounding and deals intelligently with obstacles and unexpected situations.

Once collected the inspection data is automatically distilled to information detailing position, size and severity of defects on the tower and blades. It can identify lightning strikes, cracks, erosion and delamination as well as highlight anything out of the ordinary. 

Reduced down time/Reduced cost

Inspections are now possible 
within one 30 minute
allowing teams to conduct 
more than 5 inspection per day.

Also reducing the cost of an inspection by more than half.

Long term analytics

Track faults through time for improved decision making.

Operates in various conditions

Operating in up to 15m/s
(50 km/h, 7 Beaufort) wind, 
light rain and for over
6 hours a day.

Increased Resolution 

Even millimeter sized faults can be captured, helping you identify a defect before
it becomes a problem. 

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