Data Acquisition

Yes, certain commercial drone platforms can interface with our Dhalion software stack.

Yes, we offer a flexible service to clients, and include training packages to allow clients to use the system with their internal operational teams.

Dhalion is a fully automatic flight system so professional drone flight experience is not required. A Commercial Drone pilot with < 10 flight hours would have sufficient experience for managing a situation where they are required to take control.

We operate in up to 12m/s constant wind speed, and we have tested and operated in more than 14m/s. If the wind gusts or changes unexpectedly, Dhalion can safely return to base.

Yes, the blades need to be stopped, and isolations and/or disk brake engaged at the Turbine base, in accordance with the turbine manufacturer’s procedures.

No, we can inspect turbine blades in any position, saving our clients’ valuable time.

No, we do not require the rotor to be locked. However some turbine manufacturers may have this as their standard operating procedure which we follow.

Data Processing

Yes, we offer a flexible and modular service to clients.

Depending on the wind farm size, you will start to see your raw data within 24 hours of inspection. Processed results will be available to access within 24-48 hours.

Yes, we can accept other sources (drone, ground based camera and rope access photos) and the most common formats and we always perform a data quality check on your images.

Yes, we have trained Blade experts within our business organisation as well as a network of subcontractors. We also offer the option for the client to review the data themselves through our systems.

Our Machine learning algorithms perform defect analysis, and our Blade Experts review the findings before the client accesses the complete results.

Web Portal and Analytics

Yes, all 4 sides are identified on each blade.So you can search a specific turbine or blade by its ID, and easily locate all associated findings and their position on the blade.

Yes, we can accept other inputs and we perform a data quality check on your images to evaluate if their quality is sufficient to find damages.

Yes, we work with other partners to deliver this service to our clients.


We constantly monitor the weather at project sites and after booking a project slot, we use a 5 day advanced weather window for the Go/No Go decision. We request the client  to provide us with as much notice as possible, ideally 4 to 6 weeks, however we appreciate real world challenges.

No, there is not a minimum number of inspections. However, mobilisation costs are lower when divided over multiple inspections.

We operate across the United Kingdom and Europe and are currently expanding into other regions, please enquire for a specific project location.

Yes, we are happy to provide a demonstration of our service and technology capabilities to clients. We can demo our inspection process, web portal, or data processing platform on request.