Robotic Systems

Robotic systems are ideally suited for repetitive dangerous tasks that, until now, have put engineers at risk.

Our cutting edge engineering makes the entire inspection process reliable and cost effective with bespoke software and hardware optimised for the application.

Flight System

Dhalion aerial systems incorporate a robust propulsion system - which ensures stable flight in up to 12m/s wind speeds; onboard sensors - which determine distance, track turbines, and monitor subsystem statuses; and a vibration isolated sensor payload giving an unobstructed view over 180˚ of pitch.


Tablet user interface

Autonomous Flight

Operating on advanced neural network and optimisation algorithms, our UAVs utilise advanced onboard LIDAR and imaging to locate a turbine, identify its orientation, and generate an inspection flightpath, optimising for customised image linear resolution and overlap, and ensuring 100% image coverage of the turbine’s blades.

Continuous Self-Monitoring

Our UAVs perform continuous subsystem status monitoring of their position, battery health, networking, wind speed, propulsion system, and temperature. Our systems are intelligent inspection managers: evaluating risks; decision making; and alerting the user if intervention is required.



closer up of operator using tablet

User Interface

Our custom tablet application provides an intuitive, step-by-step inspection setup wizard, a comprehensive overview of the inspection process, and fingertip access to real-time, in-depth safety system insight; augmented reality view; 3D path view; and image previews. With play, pause and stop controls, and all data available at a click, it’s as simple as setting up a print job.

Data Capture & Logging

Upon landing, all data collected by our UAVs is ready for on-site review, at full resolution, enabling immediate assessment and confirmation of inspection quality. Data and event logs are recorded, allowing for replay and auditing, and EXIF (location information, camera metadata) info is recorded on images and in logs, simplifying data analytics.


Drone landing on autonomous vessel/boat

Take off & Landing System

Our custom take off and landing system allows for operations in adverse conditions with extreme precision. It can be retrofitted on any vessel within minutes, and allows operation from small vessels as well as automated surface vehicles.

Data Processing with Artificial Intelligence

Collecting great data safely is not enough, even experts make mistakes when annotating thousands of images.

Machine learning systems can consistently annotate hundreds of images in an hour, allowing your staff to make decisions to maximise the availability of your assets.

graphic demonstrating multiple sources of data input


Our data upload software accepts inspection data from a variety of sources including drones, ground based cameras, and rope access. Custom data input methods are available upon request.

Image quality review process

Quality Validation

A detailed validation step ensures that data is complete, accurate and quality assured using proven image processing algorithms and a user-friendly web interface for data reviewers.

Image of damage on turbine annotated


Our automated AI detection systems automatically annotate images, identifying findings. Our AI systems have been benchmarked against top blade experts and our machine learning detections outperform them.

images located on turbine


Every finding's location and dimensions are identified. Using the location, viewpoints of a finding are grouped, and findings are tracked across historic inspection data.

portal finding category overview


Our systems automatically classify the severity and type of findings, using our Perceptual Robotics standards, which can be converted to alternative OEM and customer standards.

Blade Expert reviewing data on pc

Expert Review

We use a combined method of automatic detections with a systematic and efficient expert review process that is more than 3x faster than manual annotation.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud based solutions unlock the potential of easy scalability, enabling oversight of the whole process for thousands of turbines, and translating improved quality to business impact.

Portal navigation filters

Navigation Filters

We provide a clear, top-down view of your assets, with a concise summary of all significant findings. Navigating thousands of turbines, images, and findings is made easy using our customisable filters.

portal finding overview

Finding Overview

When reviewing a specific finding in more detail, you can access all images containing that finding in one place; view category, type, size, and location information and edit them;  and add comments about the maintenance.

Perceptual Robotics Portal


Reports are automatically generated for each inspection. User configurable reports come with several output options including pdf and spreadsheet. We are also on hand to support clients with additional specific export formats.

Portal image viewer

Image Viewer

Our fast loading, high resolution image viewer is designed to accommodate fast navigation between images of more than 50 Megapixels resolution.

Portal inspection list

Inspections List

Our provision of an overview of all inspections in an easily navigable list format makes tracking the progress of works simple.

portal finding management

Findings List

A navigable list of all findings enables quick overview of wind turbine health and exporting specific groups of findings. And an auditable timeline is recorded for each finding.