Perceptual Robotics drone and wind turbine with fields in the distance.

Perceptual Robotics lands substantial pre-Series A investment to fuel its international growth

A high-tech maintenance solution provider, employing AI-enabled robotics across the renewables industry, has secured its largest ever investment thanks to a consortium of investors.

Perceptual Robotics, which is based in the UK and has sites across Europe, provides technology and services for autonomous wind turbine inspections utilising artificial intelligence and drones. The company will use the pre-Series A round to plan its expansion into North America and Latin America, as well as double its team.

It is the latest step for the Bristol-based company, which earlier this year announced it had launched operations in Southeast Asia.

Kostas Karachalios, CEO of Perceptual Robotics, said: “We are thrilled to announce this latest round of funding.

“2022 revenues were strong and the raise will be used to significantly increase the geographical footprint of our already substantial client base as well as scaling up capacity. We also continue to develop, the raise will help us enhance our product offering and further develop and expand our existing products.

“Perceptual Robotics has a proud history in inspecting and processing data from wind turbines and blades onshore with trusted partners across Europe and the UK. With this latest investment, we look forward to continuing our vital work into offshore inspections and advanced analytics, guaranteeing our customers have everything they need to ensure their assets are delivering time and again.”

Historically, previous investment rounds have enabled Perceptual Robotics to commercialise its products, including the deployment of its DOT drone, its popular self-service offering, which customers pilot themselves to perform inspections.

Investors in this round, led by OnePlanetCapital, include L-Stone Capital together with an additional investment by existing investors; Brookstreet Equity Partners, Deeptech Labs, TSP Ventures and Metavallon VC. As well as benefiting financially, Perceptual Robotics will gain valuable support from OnePlanetCapital’s experience joining the group of PEVC funds backing the company. To date, Perceptual Robotics has the backing of four funds from the UK and two from Europe.

Anthony Chant, Investment Director at OnePlanetCapital, the climate change-focused early-stage venture capital fund, said: “We are delighted to be supporting Perceptual Robotics with their continued growth into new geographies and products. An investment by OnePlanetCapital means so much more than just receiving funding. We look forward to providing Perceptual Robotics with the support and counsel they may need in order to continue to turn their dreams into a success.”

Perceptual Robotics’ self-service software uses autonomous technology to collect high-quality wind turbine data in less than 20 minutes. After landing, an artificial intelligence system automatically processes the images to detect any damage and quickly provides clients with all the information they need to carry out preventive maintenance, dramatically reducing turbine downtime, increasing safety and cutting costs. Perceptual Robotics also offers data-processing services with artificial intelligence to detect damages in images provided by its customers.