This is an image of Daniel at his desk in the office.

Daniel Maidment on working at Perceptual Robotics and his work in the Data Processing Team

Integrating machine learning and computer vision in order to localise wind turbine damage more efficiently has been the focus for Daniel, our Computer Vision Engineer.

Using image segmentation to recognise the wind turbine in a photo, Daniel maps the image onto 3D models of the wind turbine that our drone has created.

Daniel’s work will help us improve how much human insight is required to analyse the damage and the client’s ability to make maintenance decisions based on where and what the damage is.

In the long term, it will provide insight into the kinds of damage happening to wind turbines, helping our clients make better decisions about repairing damage, and reducing downtime and costs.

When he’s not working on the project, Daniel’s day-to-day focus usually consists of researching and designing algorithms – helping to improve our data processing and implementing these solutions as software in the cloud.

Daniel said “My favourite part about working at Perceptual Robotics is just how driven everyone is to make things better and to make things happen.

“When faced with unsolved problems in the field, everyone will pull together to learn from the experience and figure out how to improve. At Perceptual Robotics we acknowledge that learning is part of the process which creates a culture of collaboration and understanding. Everyone is relentlessly forward-thinking, positive and hard-working.”