This is an graphic of the map of Europe. There are red pins in England, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece and Germany to highlight where Perceptual Robotics has been.

Where has Dhalion been in 2022?

2022 was a busy year for our Inspection Team who travelled across Europe to conduct inspections for our clients in Scotland, England, France, Spain and Greece! Dhalion also visited Hamburg in Germany. With plenty of inspections planned this year, we are excited to visit even more beautiful…

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This is an image of our Dhalion drone on a landing pad. The ground is covered in snow.

Perceptual Robotics can help to increase safety of winter inspections

Winter can be a tricky time for wind turbine inspections, especially as turbines are prone to gathering ice. Ice and prolonged exposure to the cold can also present multiple concerns for technicians. We have designed Dhalion so that it can work year-round in all conditions. This means our…

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This is an image of a wind turbine blade with Perceptual Robotic's drone inspecting the blade.

Perceptual Robotics announces first close round of funding with investment from Brookstreet Equity Partners LLP

Perceptual Robotics has announced the first close of the newest funding round led by investment from Brookstreet Equity Partners LLP (“Brookstreet”). An investment group focused on supporting companies, which experience transformational growth, London-based Brookstreet will support Perceptual…

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This is an image of Jack in the office at his desk.

Meet Jack Frazer

Get to know our UAV Production Technician and Pilot, Jack Frazer. With a love of flying and all things remote controlled since he was a child, Jack decided to pursue a job in the industry after teaching himself how to build and fly his own drones. Since joining us in April, Jack has not only become…

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This a collection of images from the BRL and Future Space labs

Our time at the BRL Incubator and in Future Space

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) is a centre for innovation focused on the understanding of science and home to a community of over 450 academics, researchers and industry practitioners. At the beginning of our journey, we were lucky enough to have a space in the BRL Hardware Incubator as we…

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This a photo of the team standing outside together.

Happy New Year from Perceptual Robotics

We would like to wish all our clients, partners and friends a very happy new year. 2022 was an amazing year for us; a few of the many highlights include launching our DOT autonomous drone, setting foot in Spain and France, completing the Deeptech Labs accelerator programme and partnering with Enel…

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This is a holiday card with an image of a Christmas tree and a drone.

Happy holidays from Perceptual Robotics

Happy holidays from everyone at Perceptual Robotics! However you choose to celebrate, we hope you get the chance to relax and we wish you all much happiness!

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This is a collection of images including images of the team playing board games and bowling.

Perceptual Robotics’ festive get-together

Board games, bowling and Christmas quizzes - at Perceptual Robotics, we know how to party! Our festive get-together was the perfect opportunity to relax and have fun! Who knew that Paul is a bowling champion in the making? Just imagine the fun of eight different nationalities playing board games…

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This is an image of a wind turbine with a French flag in the middle of the image with the text 'Hello France!' above it.

Perceptual Robotics completes first operations in France

UK, Greece, Spain and now France! Earlier this month, we branched our operations even further with our first ever Dhalion inspection in France. Our Pilot travelled to the French coast to complete the inspections on a two day operation! Dhalion system autonomously inspected seven wind turbines.…

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This is an image of Kostas presented to a crowd

Perceptual Robotics graduates from award winning startup accelerator

Perceptual Robotics, which has bases in the UK and Europe, showcased their Dhalion system to more than 100 venture capitalists and key industry guests at Deeptech Labs on December 7th. CEO Kostas Karachalios and Chief Operating Officer Dimitris Nikolaidis, pitched their inspection and maintenance…

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