Join us at the 4th Global Wind O&M Conference in Barcelona!

The 4th Global Wind O&M conference is taking place later this week. We are going to enjoy two days of super interesting conferences and networking  focused on how to tackle Wind O&M challenges and share insights with some of the most relevant stakeholders. Because in the end, there is one common challenge among operators: how to operate wind turbines in the most efficient way.

We appreciate listening to different perspectives, challenges, or approaches. We then bring these insights to our development and operations teams to explore opportunities for improvement. We are hardwired to adapting our technology to the industry needs and develop new solutions. As, no matter if you have a Full service Agreement, or if you are under warranty, or if you operate your own assets: you want to be aware of their condition and avoid any preventable loss. 

So quality of results, optimisation of workflows, smooth scheduling, having the right tools adapted to the environment and a team with the needed skills is key. 

Our CTO, Kevin Lind,  will be speaking about the impact of drone inspections in O&M, how we keep improving our ML and reducing our processing time, why an automated inspection provides better input and standardised quality of results and why drones are more efficient than rope access. And why that? Because having high quality results in 48h even before winter ends, allows you to budget and schedule repairs within the same season, without deviations. 

The secret is working SMARTER, and behind any of our decisions there is meticulous consideration and testing of alternatives. Because when it comes to our solutions, we make them so easy to use that as soon as you try our system (automated drones and AI- all coupled with automatic reporting) you’ll find yourself asking: Why haven’t we adopted this solution sooner?