Take a look at our latest portal feature – the Blade Summary!

YOU request, WE deliver! Our new Blade Summary feature is now available on our portal.

Even though we strongly value detailed inspection data for accurate decision-making, we always prioritise features that bring value to our customers as well. The Blade Summary page is here to provide a “bird’s eye view” on the state of each blade of your wind turbines. Broken down by type and severity, you can easily spot the most recent damages on each blade side on the graph. The severity of each damage is colour-coded so you can get quick insights on what needs to be prioritised. It is interactive and by clicking on each finding on the blades, you will be redirected to the details of the specific damage.

This feature is only the beginning of a series of product releases aiming to help you draft repair work orders efficiently. Planning maintenance and corrective actions has now become easier and more focused!

Request access to our demo portal or an online demo if you want to learn more about what our portal can do for you!

💡Pro tip: We suggest using the “Last inspections” menu at the top right to see previous inspections of the same blade side over time and estimate how the condition of the blade is affected by weather phenomena. This will help you with budget allocation and avoiding unexpected repair work.