Kevin Driscoll-Lind on future targets

Where does the future of Perceptual Robotics lie and how do we continue to drive the inspection industry forward?

Our CTO and Co-Founder, Kevin Lind, is responsible for the technical strategy at Perceptual Robotics and aligning our innovation and technical development with our business goals both in the short and long term.

Striving to align our current and future work with delivering value to our customers, we’re dedicated to comprehending customer needs and facilitating seamless access to our solutions. This process demands adaptability to new insights, market shifts, and revelations.

Understanding where the value is for customers can be a challenging task but Kevin has overcome this by uncovering why customers want a specific solution better to recognise what’s valuable.

Building impactful products and services that meet what our clients’ value has led us to set our sights further than our onshore and offshore turbine inspections. We’re working hard to move our fully automated inspections and technology to entirely new infrastructures such as solar panels, powerlines, or MET masts.

Kevin is enjoying the work he does to support the renewable energy transition. :

“Having a clear, positive impact is very motivating. I’ve always been drawn to robotics, so it’s exciting working with flying robots. The people are the best part of working at Perceptual Robotics, everyone is driven, and thoughtful. It’s exciting tackling challenges together.”

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