This is an image taken by a drone of Rob outside.

Meet Rob Clarke

What has Rob, our Robotics and Flight Software Engineer, been up to so far in 2023?

When he’s not leading the winning team at our anniversary treasure hunt to glory, Rob is a vital member of the drone crew. Focusing on improving the speed, reliability and ease of use of the Dhalion app – this gives operators a better experience and makes our inspections even faster.

Looking ahead, Rob is working towards providing tighter integration between the drone and our Dhalion system.

Thanks to Rob’s work, which has included supporting our aim to improve the system’s networking performance and improving reliability, we’re tackling one of our key challenges, especially in the offshore domain.

When he’s not working on our app, Rob can be found looking into the low-level interfaces to the drone hardware, building and deploying tools and, most recently, the offshore code.

With a passion for new learning opportunities, Rob says: “There is always new technology or features to explore at Perceptual Robotics. It’s an interesting time as we transition our codebase to work with new vehicles while streamlining the system hardware.”