This image is split into four separate images. Two images show damage on a wind turbine blade, one image shows Perceptual Robotic's drone and the last shows an example report by Perceptual Robotics

Perceptual Robotics on due diligence and end of warranty

Perceptual Robotics discusses why it is so important to undertake due diligence when acquiring a wind farm. A Blade Inspection Report by Perceptual Robotics provides all the information you need to have peace of mind when purchasing your asset. Plus, when your warranty draws to a close, a Perceptual Robotics’ Report makes sure you have the correct information you need moving forward.

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This is an image of the EuroEnergy team flying our Dhalion drone

Perceptual Robotics announces new partnership with EuroEnergy with drone acquisition

Perceptual Robotics has entered an innovative new inspections partnership with global renewable investments company EuroEnergy.

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This is a photo of the Perceptual Robotics team at their stand.

WindEnergy Hamburg Day 1

What a day it has been at WindEnergy Hamburg! It’s been an amazing opportunity to celebrate the industry and showcase our Dhalion system.  

If you missed us today, come say hello to our team at Hall A4 Stand 146 tomorrow.

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These are two images of a wind turbine blade showing the damages on them.

Damage progression and the importance of early detection

It is easy to underestimate the value of a system that reliably and accurately finds damage on your turbine blades. When damage is missed during a review it is allowed to progress and increase in severity, which has multiple implications on O&M costs. More severe damage is more expensive to fix.

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This is an image of the team working on inspection data.

Join us at WindEnergy Hamburg

Want to talk turbine inspections, repair strategies or just understand our unique Dhalion system a bit more? Find us at Hall A4 Stand 146 at WindEnergy Hamburg or get in touch to arrange a meeting.

On the 28th and 29th at 11:30am we will be holding a live explanation of our Dhalion system for autonomous drone blade inspections. Don’t miss hearing more about our unique system straight from the experts.

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This is an image of the Onshore Wind Conference.

An insightful time at Onshore Wind Conference 2022

Onshore Wind Conference 2022 was one not to miss! From the changing policy landscape to future routes to market, it has been brilliant to be a part of the discussions shaping the future of onshore wind. 

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This is an image of our drone at the beginning of an inspection

Perceptual Robotics to attend Onshore Wind Conference 2022

What is the scope of the UK’s onshore wind ambition, and what opportunities does it offer the industry? At Onshore Wind Conference 2022, our UK Sales and Business Manager, Derek Rutherford, will join leading onshore wind and industry experts to discover what the future of onshore wind entails.

Want to talk #inspections #wind #robotics? Get in touch to meet with Derek.

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This is an image of our inspection equipment including our drone in the open boot of a car.

Perceptual Robotics successfully wraps up another contract

That’s a wrap! After a busy few weeks inspecting more than 130 turbines at 8 different sites across Scotland, we’ve delivered another successful contract. Our DOT system continues to perform exceptionally, delivering results on time to inform maintenance actions.

Want to get a head start over the next season? Get in touch to discuss our all-year-round inspections and how we can help optimise your repair strategy.

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Lucía Roca on data review turnaround time

Did you know traditionally it can take up to two weeks for customers to receive wind turbine inspection results? However, at Perceptual Robotics we’ve been able to reduce our data review process by 5 times, enabling clients to view their inspection results within just 48 hours.

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This is an image of the team working on one of the drones in the office.

Perceptual Robotics to attend WindEnergy Hamburg

WindEnergy Hamburg is just around the corner and the team at Perceptual Robotics are gearing up to play our part. To find out how our autonomous offshore and onshore inspections can optimise your repair strategy, get in touch to arrange a meeting.

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