This is an image of Paul in the office at a desk.

Paul Alderton on offshore progress and its challenges

Offshore wind turbine inspections are a big focus at Perceptual Robotics as we work towards expanding our markets and operations.

The journey to offshore has not been without its challenges. From take-off and landings from a moving platform, to adapting our drone to be more durable in harsher environments – we have been breaking new ground every day.

Robotics Software Engineer, Paul Alderton, is leading the way by adapting our landing controller. This includes making our system safer and more automated to land on a boat.

We’ve also adapted our codebase to be more robust so it can easily adapt to the different types of turbines and mounting structures that we see offshore.

Paul’s focus is not just on offshore progress, he’s been a vital member of the team since he joined in 2020. In charge of writing the software related to Dhalion, Paul also tests and develops our system in the field to make sure it reaches our high standards.

He said: “Working at Perceptual Robotics means collaborating as part of a knowledgeable and passionate team.

“There is always a new and interesting robotics challenge to work on so no one day is the same. It’s also incredibly exciting to be able to test Dhalion in the field to experience our product first-hand.”