This is an image of a wind turbine with a French flag in the middle of the image with the text 'Hello France!' above it.

Perceptual Robotics completes first operations in France

UK, Greece, Spain and now France! Earlier this month, we branched our operations even further with our first ever Dhalion inspection in France.

Our Pilot travelled to the French coast to complete the inspections on a two day operation! Dhalion system autonomously inspected seven wind turbines.

Perceptual Robotics’ exclusive AI identified the damage and our blade experts reviewed each item according to Bladena Standards. The complete inspection reports were uploaded promptly onto our portal ready for the customer to use.

After a successful inspection process, our latest customer has experienced the high-quality results achieved with the Dhalion system, which is so easy to use that soon the customer may even choose to perform inspections in-house saving even more time and money!