Perceptual Robotics first autonomous inspection with the DJI M350 drone!

Ready to take your inspections to the next level? We’re always staying ahead of the game! With the release of the M350 Automation drone, we’re adapting our Dhalion system to seamlessly integrate it with the new DJI M350, which was created to replace the DJI M300.

In September, we carried out our first automated inspection with Dhalion and the DJI M350 drone, and it was a great success.

What advantages does the DJI M350 bring? Well, it is similar to the M300 but its performance is slightly better. It has also an upgraded GPS receiver, which is a great benefit when out in the field. But the best thing will be using the new DJI remote handset, which includes a bigger screen. With the new handset, we will be able to remove our tablet, shedding unnecessary weight and making the job easier.

We, of course, will continue to deliver Dhalion for DJI M300s too, but now clients with the DJI M350 drone can also reach out to find out how to have best automation in place on their new drones.

Our development team is superb. If you need a specific solution they have proven again and again that they can do it and go beyond expectations in quality and time.

A big thanks to our development team for adapting so quickly to the changing environment, and ensuring our customers always have access to the latest drone technology.