Introducing our newest feature: The Repair Now Ratio!

🚨Breaking News! Prioritising repairs is now easy and at your fingertips!

Choosing what damages to repair is hard, the industry relies on categorising damages from 1 to 5, as in the Bladena categorisation in the image. 

And the industry usually decides that categories 3 and above should be repaired in 6 months time, 3 months time or immediately.

But there isn’t always the budget to do so and operational constraints create opportunities for further repairs, so how do you choose?

Our newest release includes an estimation of  the cost of repairing damage today and the impact of waiting for a year to repair it. Delaying repairs by a year will increase AEP losses in the case of leading edge erosion. There is also the potential for the damage to become more serious, which is associated with higher repair costs. We consider all of this when we evaluate the repair impact.

This gives you the opportunity to assess damages based on the current and future cost and allows you to prioritise your repairs based on ROI (Return on Investment) making choices more granular and streamlined.

And as always you can later share this with your End customers or Suppliers sharing access to the portal or with files  in different formats, keeping everyone fully aligned.

For more information please reach out.