Roi Kiouri on customer success and support

Meet Roi Kiouri, the Head of Customer Success and Support at Perceptual Robotics. She juggles two essential roles – ensuring customers get the most from our autonomous inspection system and building a strong support team.

From her very first interview, Roi sensed Perceptual Robotics was the right place for her. The team left a lasting impression and she was not only drawn to our unique inspection system but also excited about contributing to the sustainable energy and robotics sectors.

Roi’s team has recently updated the Knowledge Base Centre, and our advanced omnichannel support system is nearly live. Our goal? Empower customers to help themselves by providing readily available information and implementing an automated ticket management workflow for complex issues. This will not only benefit customers by helping to solve customer problems faster but also assist Perceptual Robotics in monitoring resolution times and essential KPIs.

Looking ahead, Roi aims to deepen her industry knowledge, becoming more confident in understanding wind energy, maintenance procedures, and industry trends. She also wants to grow her support teams and attract more bright minds to Perceptual Robotics.

We offer cross-functional training opportunities, and Roi has actively participated in sales training sessions, broadening her understanding of different aspects of the business.

Roi added: “I’m also grateful for my involvement in product development. Even though I may not be the most technical person in the company, my input is valued and appreciated. Perceptual Robotics fosters an environment that inspires my growth and continuous improvement.”

On what she likes about working at Perceptual Robotics, Roi said: “Working here is an overall educational experience. One gets to really see how the product is developed, we’re involved in decision making and everyone’s opinion matters. I particularly appreciate the fact that the customer side of things is king, which is something a lot of companies boast about but very few actually practice.

“Settling into the role had its challenges as I had zero background in robotics and wind energy. However, everyone has been extremely helpful in providing me with context, training, and a lot of patience. I’m still riding the learning curve, but I’m positive that I will be more and more useful to the company vision as time goes by.”