How can Perceptual Robotics help you with your operations and maintenance strategy

Our autonomous inspection solutions allows you to customise to suit your needs from a choice of our in-house operation, or inspection and AI services hire. Discover how Perceptual Robotics can help you with your operations and maintenance strategy by giving our handy brochure a read. To enlarge the…

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Perceptual Robotics on inhouse drones

You don’t need to be an experienced pilot to carry out a high-quality wind turbine inspection with Perceptual Robotics’ autonomous inspection solution. With full training, improved automation and simple controls, our user-friendly drone allows non-expert pilots to carry out thorough inspections. By…

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This is an image of Greg with a drone.

Meet Greg Rowell

Since joining us in September, Operations Manager Greg Rowell has hit the ground running! Responsible for deploying our expert inspection teams to wind farms across the world, Greg is in charge of demos and inspections for our clients. From organising equipment to checking weather conditions are…

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The operational integration of inspections

Perceptual Robotics analyses the benefits of implementing drones as part of wind turbine repair strategies to increase efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness. As technology and science have evolved over the years, there has been a simultaneous evolution of tools that can adapt to the needs of…

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Perceptual Robotics to join Endeavor’s ScaleUp program

Exciting news! 📢 Perceptual Robotics has been selected by Endeavor Greece to be part of the next round of its ScaleUp program. Endeavor's remarkable network of experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and like-minded peers presents a great opportunity for us to meet and collaborate with a global network…

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This is an image of Villius working on one of our drones in the office.

Meet Vilius Stonkus

Over the summer we were excited to welcome University of Bristol student Vilius Stonkus to intern with our drone team. Focusing on optimising the way we run our path-planning when inspecting wind turbines, Vilius’s work helped to progress both our user experience and overall efficiency of the…

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This image is of our drone on a snow covered ground at the start of an inspection. There is a wind turbine in the far distance.

Book your winter inspections

Our autonomous inspection solution is transforming how customers maintain and repair their wind turbines. Did you know, using AI and scalable cloud systems, our data processing pipeline processes thousands of images per hour, reducing costly blade expert time, and minimising expensive errors?…

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Perceptual Robotics gives a rare preview of inspection capabilities

Perceptual Robotics has given the wind inspections and maintenance industry a preview of its unique capabilities by holding exclusive demonstrations with potential partners. The company, which has offices in the UK and Europe, welcomed eight companies across Spain to take part in its demonstration…

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This is an image detailing that Kostas will be at Blades Europe 2022

Kostas Karachalios to speak at Blades Europe 2022

When damage is missed during inspections, its severity only increases, creating drastic implications on O&M costs. More severe damage is more expensive and difficult to fix. So, how can you estimate damage progression with current systems? At #BladesEurope2022, our CEO, Kostas Karachalios, will…

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This is an image of Sophia working on a tablet.

Meet Sophia Herrington

For the past two months, intern Sophia has been a crucial part of Perceptual Robotics. During her time, Sophia has focused on redesigning the current ground station for our Dhalion drones, including looking into new components, researching and designing a battery pack and using Fusion 360 to…

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