This is a graphic of Kostas with details of his talk at Global Offshore Wind.

Kostas to talk at Global Offshore Wind 2023

We’re thrilled Perceptual Robotics’ CEO Kostas Karachalios has been invited to talk about the benefits of robots and artificial intelligence at #RUKGOW23 next month. Addressing a global audience of industry leaders, Kostas will be discussing how combining artificial intelligence and robots has…

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This is an image of Daniel at his desk in the office.

Daniel Maidment on working at Perceptual Robotics and his work in the Data Processing Team

Integrating machine learning and computer vision in order to localise wind turbine damage more efficiently has been the focus for Daniel, our Computer Vision Engineer. Using image segmentation to recognise the wind turbine in a photo, Daniel maps the image onto 3D models of the wind turbine that…

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This is a graphic, which includes an image of Kevin and the timings of when he will be speaking.

Join us in Lyon

If you are attending Wind Europe’s Technology Workshop on the 1st to 2nd of June then make sure to add Poster Pitch to your must listen list. Perceptual Robotics’ CTO and Co-Founder, Kevin Lind, will be giving an exclusive talk at 15:45 on June 1st and 10:30 on June 2nd in Forum 2 about “Optimizing…

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This is an animated graphic showing wind turbines and the Perceptual Robotics' logo.

More about Dhalion

Did you know Dhalion can detect more damage than the human eye? With its cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, the self-autonomous drone inspects wind turbines and blades in as little as 20 minutes. To ensure your blade management is optimised, our Data Management System reports all information…

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This is a collection of images at the team at Wind Europe and in Copenhagen.

Perceptual Robotics at Wind Europe 2023 and interview in PES magazine

We had a brilliant time at Wind Europe in Copenhagen meeting many of our customers and partners, and listening to the thought-provoking events we attended, such as the event led by Green Eagle Solutions. It also gave us the opportunity to showcase our PES magazine interview to the many businesses…

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Perceptual Robotics drone and wind turbine with fields in the distance.

Perceptual Robotics lands substantial pre-Series A investment to fuel its international growth

A high-tech maintenance solution provider, employing AI-enabled robotics across the renewables industry, has secured its largest ever investment thanks to a consortium of investors. Perceptual Robotics, which is based in the UK and has sites across Europe, provides technology and services for…

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Happy Earth Day from Perceptual Robotics

Today we’re celebrating Earth Day 🌍 With this year’s theme #InvestInOurPlanet, there are fantastic innovations and commitments being made across the globe everyday, and every action gets us a step closer to protecting and preserving our planet. Our CEO Kostas Karachalios’ ambition is for Perceptual…

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Wind Europe

Copenhagen calling! We’re looking forward to heading to Wind Europe next week to catch up with industry leaders and shout about our latest achievements. Watch out for some extra special news we will be announcing while we’re there. 🤫 Want to find out how we can take your inspections to the next…

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Chris standing with drone and Perceptual Robotics presentation

Perceptual Robotics at Future Space event

Pizza, beer and drones – what’s not to love? 🍕 We had a blast at FutureSpace's Pizza and Beer event, talking to our friends and neighbours who also call Future Space home. It was great to be able to show the work we’re doing and our plans for expanding our team. A big thanks to Future Space for the…

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This is an image of Paul in the office at a desk.

Paul Alderton on offshore progress and its challenges

Offshore wind turbine inspections are a big focus at Perceptual Robotics as we work towards expanding our markets and operations. The journey to offshore has not been without its challenges. From take-off and landings from a moving platform, to adapting our drone to be more durable in harsher…

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