Perceptual Robotics to attend Wind Europe 2023

Copenhagen incoming – the Perceptual Robotics team will be exhibiting at #WindEurope2023. We’re looking forward to showcasing how Dhalion can help you managing your blades. Come along and say hello to Derek Rutherford and Lucía Roca Fernandez Vizarra at stand S5-Hall C4 to find out more. Reach out…

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Perceptual Robotics at Blades USA 2023

It's busier than ever in Austin, Texas, for Blades USA 2023! From meeting with clients to sharing the benefits of Dhalion, Derek and Kevin are enjoying every minute. We’re looking forward to following up with all our new contacts in the coming days. It's not too late to try a new type of wind…

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Should blades be covered in Full Service Agreements?

We are detecting a shift in the market towards excluding blades from Full Service Agreements with manufacturers. Do you think blades should be covered in Full Service Agreements? Let us know what your views are on this in on our LinkedIn poll:…

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We are hiring!

Are you looking for a new challenge with an amazing team? We are hiring! Whether you are a software specialist, a product expert, an HR manager or sales manager, we have a place for you in our team. Perceptual Robotics is creating a workplace of the future and with forward-thinking talent and…

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Perceptual Robotics expands into Asia through a strategic partnership with the K2 Energy Group

Perceptual Robotics is expanding into Asia thanks to a new partnership. The company has now secured a brand-new deal with leading south-east Asian organisation, K2 Energy Group which has purchased its own Dhalion drone as a first of its kind for the region. The new technology from Perceptual…

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This is an image of a wind turbine blade. There is another mage in the corner to show more of the same blade.

Book your Inspections

Do you know the condition of your blades? Regular inspections not only ensure wind turbines are working at their optimum level but also save you money by finding potential damage before it can cripple the turbine. At Perceptual Robotics, our unique solution is 14% better at finding damage than…

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This is an image of a poll asking Where do you think the future of inspections lies.

Where does the future of wind turbine inspections lie?

With new innovations constantly coming to light in the industry, we want to hear where you think the future of wind turbine inspections is heading. Traditionally, inspections have been carried out by human technicians, which has led to UAVs such as Dhalion rising in popularity. Looking to the…

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This image is a graphic advertising Blades USA 2023 with their logo and information on the event.

Perceptual Robotics to attend Blades USA 2023

We’re kicking off our first event of the year with Blades USA 2023. Don’t miss the chance to talk inspections, artificial intelligence damage detection and find out how you can incorporate our autonomous inspection solution into your operations and maintenance strategy. Get in touch with our Sales…

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This is an image of Emma in the office talking to the camera

Emma Hemus on the presence of blur in images

Blur in images is a real challenge when trying to detect faults during a wind turbine inspection, as Emma Hemus, our Machine Learning Engineer, explains below. 👇 At Perceptual Robotics, we know high resolution images are crucial for effective results. Operating on advanced neural network and…

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This is an image of Estilla at her desk in the office. One of our drones is on the table next to her.

Meet Estilla Hefter

Whether it is ambassador work for a Women in Science organisation or working at the core of our Autonomous Drone team, our Software Engineer Estilla Hefter has her finger on the pulse. Since joining last summer, Hungarian-born Estilla loves tackling the next challenge, from working on path planning…

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