Dhalion Customisable Reports

Dhalion reports are customisable to your specific requirements and can easily be shared with your team and suppliers.

Another completed project

We've just wrapped up a 65 turbine project across the north of the UK. Thanks to the excellent work from the team and support from the client for a smooth implementation. The autonomous drone and AI processing made the process a breeze despite wind, snow and a global pandemic. With many more projects scheduled for 2021, fingers crossed for sunshine!

Offshore trials with L3 Harris

The team has been working hard on the offshore version of our autonomous blade inspection solution.

In collaboration with L3Harris Technologies, VulcanUAV (Alex Hardy), the University of Bristol, and Spectrum Offshore Limited we have completed an Innovate UK project to develop and demonstrate autonomous take off and landing from moving vessels.

The solution allows reliable operation from manned, and unmanned vessels in the offshore environment and is a key component to industrial drone operations offshore.

We’re looking forward to commercial trials of the systems in 2021.

Link to video

Dhalion Autonomous Wind Turbine Inspections

The Dhalion system saves owners and operators significant blade inspection and repair costs, through its AI and autonomous drone technology.