Training at Perceptual Robotics

Navigating our Dhalion system is a piece of cake! Say goodbye to complex procedures and manual flying – with us, all you need to do is press play, pause, or stop.

Our expert pilot, Jack, discusses the beauty of our automated inspections. Not only does our training instil confidence in our customers, but it also reduces the need for on-site support.

For clients who hold qualifications from their respective aviation authorities, such as a GVC in the UK, we offer training to enable them to internalise our Dhalion system. Our training includes:

🎓 Thorough training: In-depth training program covering drone theory, manual flight, and autonomous operations in front of a real wind turbine, ensuring that you are fully equipped for success using our system.
🤝 Building confidence: We make sure you feel comfortable with our drone system and can autonomously inspect wind turbines on your own, safely.
📈 Adaptive training: We always refine our programs to deliver the best for our clients, including the development of an online drone theory course so you can learn about Dhalion at your convenience.

Get your wings today: