Worried about downtime? Work smarter!

Turbine downtime; a necessary evil or a manageable side effect? Your inspection workflow matters!

There are many ways to reduce downtime during blade inspections, not all related to flying faster or setting up inspections easily on a tablet.

There are some that are not that evident but have proven quite effective. One of them is having a drone in-house and strategically time the inspections around programmed downtime. However, even when outsourcing the inspection services, if coupled with proactive planning, your downtime can still be reduced significantly.

How to reduce downtime for inspections to virtually 0?

Work SMARTER, inspect when you know the turbine will be stopped for other reasons.

  • During Scheduled downtime for other statutory inspections (about 9 days a year) *
  • During Statutory inspections (1 day twice a year)
  • During HV inspections/downtime of line or substation
  • During 5 Maintenance days (annual or breakdowns)
  • Inspect on calm days in your wind farm. 30 days a year? Estimate your best window according to your SCADA historical data

* As the drone is external it can be combined with other services, no further AT mob, no additional H&S required


Working with professionals who have been in the wind industry for a long time will benefit you and your fleet health. Reach out if you want to leverage our operational experience and our proactive approach to blade health maintenance.