A day in the field with Greg

With a track record of completing inspections efficiently and swiftly, what does a day in the field look like for UAV Pilot and Operations Manager Greg?

While he starts with the essentials – signing in, thorough safety assessments and a site survey to ensure the perfect conditions for drone inspections – it’s quickly down to specifics.

A safety briefing with the authorised technician on site runs through everything from positioning wind turbines for inspections to site-specific risks. With safety checks complete, Greg and his team head to the turbines. With our Dhalion drone, he carefully inspect each wind turbine, blade, tower and MET mast until the job is completed to our high standards.

With typically more than 10 wind turbines inspected per day, wind farm field inspections are now typically measured in days rather than weeks. This also applies to the time it takes to have the inspection results ready, allowing more time for repairs during good weather conditions.

But what’s Greg’s favourite part? As a lover of road trips, Greg gets to combine his passion for flying drones for work with visiting sites across the globe to see first hand their spectacular views.