What is a knowledge base and why is it important

From our drone manual that covers everything from flight preparation to post-flight process and drone settings, to including our manuals for processing wind turbine data for damages; our knowledge base contains everything you could possibly need.

We’ve been updating both our internal and external knowledge base online for our customers to use whenever they wish.

By providing our customers with a comprehensive resource, we empower them to optimise their use of our products and troubleshoot any issues they may encounter faster. And the best thing? It’s easily accessible from any device anywhere!

Why is it important to have a knowledge base?

⚡ Firstly, it enhances customer satisfaction by simplifying the process of finding answers to their questions and enabling a better understanding of how to use our products successfully.

⚡ Secondly, it empowers our customers to find solutions independently, simplifying the process of getting information they need quickly.

Developing a robust knowledge base comes with its challenges, such as organising and categorising large amounts of information to ensure users can navigate the site easily. We are also continuously updating and maintaining the content to ensure it remains relevant and up-to-date with product updates and customer feedback.

Our knowledge base is available for our team and our customers at just a click from them no matter where they are.