AI Boosts Wind Turbine Inspection Review

Exciting review of the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology supporting Blade Expert inspection review unveiled at WindEurope 2024! 

We had 4 blade experts review over 3,000 images from wind turbine blade inspections. One with support from AI suggestions. Not only did AI assistance significantly enhance the damage detection (finding 10% more damage), but it also provided a remarkable consistency in damage categorisation – an element that was noticed to vary among the BE models due to different considerations and priorities.

This highlights the value of AI in reinforcing the accuracy and objectivity in the process of wind turbine blade inspection. Merging AI into the system facilitates early damage identification leading to cost savings.

Once again, as we did at the WindEurope Workshop in Lyon last summer, we actively participate and contribute our unique perspectives and analytics to advance the progress of the wind industry.

For a more detailed breakdown check out our poster or connect with our team for an in-depth discussion.