🚀 Delve into the power of data with our Reporting portal’s Analytics page! 📊

So you have processed all your turbine data, got the per turbine reports and now you have to actually plan the repair crew. But how can you know what needs to be done first when you have to go through a pile of documents? Detailed reporting is helping the repair crew but who is helping you? WE ARE!

To be more specific, our Analytics module is. Analytics is an add-on that will help you effortlessly visualise all your inspection data, spot trends, and streamline repair operations like never before. Tailored specifically for wind farm operators and asset management companies, this feature empowers you to prioritise inspection and blade repair works with unparalleled ease and precision.

Here’s what you can do:

🔍 Bird’s Eye View: Obtain a comprehensive overview of crucial damages across wind farms. Mobilise repair crews swiftly and efficiently, targeting areas needing immediate attention.

🌀 Turbine Health Insights: Pinpoint damage patterns within specific turbine models. Coordinate procurement and align service agreements seamlessly for optimised operations.

⚠️ Urgency Assessment: Identify turbines or blades requiring immediate attention to mitigate downtime and prevent losses in Annual Energy Production (AEP).

🔧 Repair Efficiency: Assess repair efforts based on type and severity of damages. Understand common issues and benchmark costs for informed decision-making.

💡 Trend Spotting: Identify typical damages along the blades and underlying issues. Estimate repair efforts more accurately and anticipate parts needing extra attention. Compare Assets and identify trends between your different wind farms or different O&M or OEM providers.

📈 Don’t see Analytics on your sidebar? Don’t worry! Reach out to our support team for assistance. Remember, unlocking the full potential of Analytics might require permissions or company opt-in.

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