So you got a Dhalion system – Now what?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get and, naturally, we’ve made sure that investing in our system is only the beginning of the journey towards efficiency.

After the paperwork is out of the way, our Customer Success Team welcomes you onboard with a project kick-off summary.  Depending on the mode of collaboration during that session, we provide all the necessary information, checklists, manuals and resources you will need to be able to use the system and navigate our online portal.

On top of that, we offer deployment operations guidance such as how to position the turbine in relation to the Sun’s angle and details to be mindful of on the field. 

After the onboarding session, we book you for an in-person training on how to operate the system safely with one of our expert pilots. This is a course that walks you through the technical details, the inspection setup as well as the post-inspection workflow.

Of course, all of this is available to you 24/7 via our online Knowledge Base Centre but we want to address questions live and Bristol is wonderful to have this kind of training session.

“But what about live support on the field later?” you might ask. Our support teams are available during business hours via email, chat and Whatsapp. If your deployment is due in another time zone, we cater for that as well! Just let us know and we will be there to support you in case you need us.

If you are processing the data yourselves, our Customer Success Team will make sure you get training on how to annotate and classify damages. This is a short online session designed to help you process the data fast and create insightful blade reports.

Our 360° approach is guaranteed to help you succeed and our Team of experts are always happy to help.

You got a Dhalion system – Now you have a trusted partner as well!