Join us in celebrating the outstanding female members on our team!

🌟 Today, on International Women’s Day, we celebrate the incredible contributions of all the female members of our team in STEM fields! 

At Perceptual Robotics, we’re proud to have remarkable women driving innovation and collaboration within our team.

 👩‍🔬 From engineering to marketing and software development to customer success; our female colleagues play vital roles in shaping our success and fostering an inclusive culture where everyone thrives. We’re honoured to recognise their achievements and dedication.

💡 Special recognition goes to Lucia Roca, Emma Hemus, Shijing Hu, Roi Kiouri, Melisa Rios, Irenie Karachaliou – all our female colleagues who continuously inspire us with their passion, dedication, and expertise in their respective fields. Whether they are leading projects, mentoring others, or advocating for diversity and inclusion, their contributions are invaluable. 

Earlier this month, Lucia Roca, Engineer and our Head of Strategic Marketing and Development, gave a powerful presentation about the importance of women in STEM and their role in Drones and AI at a local school in her hometown in Madrid, Spain. Her passion for inspiring the next generation of female leaders is truly inspiring!

🌐 Today, let’s celebrate the women in STEM who continue to break barriers and make a lasting impact in their fields. Together, we’re building a brighter, more inclusive future for all!